TJshogi is an engine for playing shogi (Japanese chess). It is now available for download. It is not a strong shogi engine.

For use with the Shogidokoro or BCMShogi GUI, use the USI version.

For use with the WinBoard GUI, use the WB version.

TJshogi playing using the Shogidokoro graphical user interface:

TJshogi playing using the Shogidokoro graphical user interface.

TJshogi Version History:

08/11/2008:  Version 0.03 (USI):

  • Initial USI version

08/16/2008:  Version 0.03b (WB):

  • Initial WinBoard version

11/19/2011: Version 0.10:

  • WinBoard protocol changes:
  • - support WinBoard “memory” command
  • - use WinBoard 4.5+ shogi move protocol
  • created TJshogi5x5 with Minishogi support (5x5 shogi variant)
  • time management improved
  • implemented late move reductions
  • evaluation improved
  • .ini file handling changed. new engine is no longer compatible with old TJshogi.ini files.