TJchess10x8 is an engine for playing Capablanca Chess (played on a 10x8 board). It is compatible with WinBoard. Note that TJchess10x8 does not have an opening book, and it cannot play with any board size other than 10x8.

TJchess10x8 took 2nd place in the General 10x8 Championship 2008! Hopefully there will be more engines to compete in future 10x8 computer chess tournaments.

TJchess10x8 playing using the WinBoard_F graphical user interface.

TJchess10x8 Version History:

02/05/2008:  Version 0.109:

  • Initial version

07/21/2008:  Version 0.121:

  • added pawn hash table
  • evaluation now accounts for bishop pair
  • added some limited endgame knowledge
  • time management changes
  • report score for self in thinking output, instead of score for white
  • other minor changes and bug fixes

04/08/2011:  Version 1.0:

  • WinBoard protocol changes:
  • - support WinBoard “memory” command
  • - added some options to WinBoard engine menu
  • - improved draw claim handling
  • - support “level” command during game
  • time management improved
  • mobility term added to evaluation
  • other evaluation changes
  • added Capablanca Random Chess (CRC) support
  • implemented late move reductions
  • .ini file handling changed.  new engine is no longer compatible with old TJchess.ini files.

04/25/2011: Version 1.01:

  • fixed a couple minor bugs for CRC

02/12/2012: Version 1.1:

  • fixed hash table usage bug
  • added aspiration windows
  • time management should be improved for conventional time control
  • added support for Janus chess variant
  • code is now cross platform and can be compiled for Windows/Linux/Android
  • started using profile guided optimization (pgo)
  • added 64-bit version (only a small speed gain over 32-bit)
  • WinBoard protocol change: support “st” command